One Planet, One Future, One Vote


Cork, January 24, 2020

Our current political leaders are not taking the measures required to tackle the existential climate crisis that we are facing. Our entire planet and all its inhabitants are facing extinction. Extreme climate events, fires, floods, storms… are happening more often and with extreme consequences. This is escalating. We face extinction Not in a million years, not in a few hundred years, in our lifetimes. We need to make drastic changes, and fast.

Your vote counts. Your voice counts.

Make sure you cast your vote for people who are willing to make changes and put the climate crisis on the top of the political agenda.

Ask your local politicians what their priorities are and what solutions they propose to radically reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the small timeframe that we have left. We need to be carbon free by 2025. Thus a reduction of at least 8% PER year. How will we make it happen? How will we ensure a just transition? How can citizens be involved in this ? What future society do we imagine for ourselves?

We need a system change, not climate change. Be part of the change. Vote.

Extinction Rebellion Cork has started a campaign throughout the city with chalk paint art to share this message. Make sure to pass it on. The chalk only lasts a few days and is eco-friendly …

Love & rage,

Extinction Rebellion Cork

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  1. Juri
    4th February 2020

    Strange article.
    No links, no references, just propaganda.

    My recommendations: make sure you pass your maths and literacy skils – we want to understand you.

    I would like to point out that Ireland has to be praised achieving the top of the range on saving on CO2/GHG emissions. Thanks Leo for doing nothing. Thanks to the Green party for not being in power.


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