1. Juri
    27th October 2019

    Finland still considers rationing of Diesel and petrol and lowering tax on plant-based food:


    (Finland has about the toughest climate targets within the EU, YLE is a government-owned/controlled news agency)

  2. Juri
    1st November 2019

    German students are calling for a university strike during the next campaign towards the 29th of November 2019:


    This one-week strike should/will be filled with a course on climate emergency for the public.

    Machine translation:

    “Between 25 and 29 November, there will be a climate strike week nationwide. We call nationwide to strike the normal teaching at the universities.

    In this context, we put together an alternative event program:
    The Public Climate School!”


  3. Juri
    4th November 2019

    Cork flood relieve scheme – to bad for a good laughter?

    In 2018 Arup presented a flood plan for Cork: 1 m foldable temporary walls and 1 m of solid walls will protect Cork for the next 100 – 200 years:


    In September 2019 this brick-brack-idea was revised by Arup to 2-3m of solid dams:


    Now we should be prepared for 10 meters (only in Dublin?) writes the Irish Times today:


    These ‘specialists’ from Arup signed-off the foundation plans( the flood planning?) for Hinkley Point C as well, a sea resort.
    ‘Difficult ground conditions’ have changed the plans there since then:


    What did the Irish taxpayer pay for Arup’s flap-jack plans?
    And how much will the next plans cost?

    The IT costs € 1.80 …….

  4. Juri
    6th November 2019

    Flight shame in Germany – the Gretaeffect:


    ” Other German-based airlines recorded a reduction of approximately 3.5 percent – even more than the low-cost carriers.”

  5. Juri
    2nd December 2019

    Saving 10% of the lecky bill and 20% of the household electricity consumption?

    Get your own plug-and-play PV panel!


    As you can see in the list of manufacturers these PV-systems are very cheap and cost around €1.-/Wp, the cheapest of 275W panel output potential (Wp) costs € 270.-

    A brochure in English will be published by the non-profit organisation machdeinenstrom.de next year explaining the principle of plug-and-play PV-systems.
    The English press hasn’t picked up this method of sustainable investment for the small purse at all despite these systems being available since almost 10 years.
    Imagine the impact on the national CO2 balance sheet if all households would have 1 of these panels installed.

    Basically the equipment consists of a PV-panel, an inverter which turns DC to AC (grid power quality) and a plug which goes into the next socket. The PV-panel can be DIY fixed to a wall or positioned in the garden.
    These systems are common in the Netherlands,Germany,Switzerland,Austria,Portugal ….

  6. Juri
    4th December 2019

    About ‘Plug-and-Play PV ‘ the German state’s TV-sation ZDF reported on Monday this week with the headline ” PV for renters ”


    (in German language)

  7. Juri
    19th December 2019

    Good news:


    The issue of flight shame seems to be the same all over Europe although to a still lower degree than in Germany.


    This year’s emissions for Europe 28 seem to be down again by ca. -2.5% according to the first 3/4 preliminary statistics.

    Germany’s energy related emissions are down by 7%, the primary energy consumption be well over 2%, the self set target of -20% of climate related emissions for 2020 is back in reach.


    There are now 100.000 non-registered PV guerilla installations in Germany. Like growing your own strawberry and not importing them and not letting the supermarket know about.
    Become a solar farmer as well 🙂

  8. Juri
    5th February 2020

    -12% CO2 emissions by the EU power generators:


    Ca. half of the reduction was caused by fuel switch and the other half by RE. Every panel counts, hands on!
    Detailed report:



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